Why work at Ark Blacklands Primary Academy?

The Academy is at an exciting phase of its development, with a dedicated staff team committed to providing the best possible education for our pupils. This is a unique opportunity to make a difference in the local community. You’ll be able to see the impact that you’re making in our pupils’ lives every day.


"We believe that every child who attends our school will be academically and socially equipped for success at secondary school and, beyond that, in a career of their choice or university."

- Natalie Rankin


"At Ark Blacklands we put children at the heart of everything we do."

- Diana Jones

Phase Lead

"Ark Blacklands is a welcoming, high-achieving and supportive  school to work at. There are plentiful, quality training and development opportunities but, best of all, children that make you smile everyday."

- Nicole Edouard

Class Teacher

"The pupils are at the heart of everything we do at Blacklands. It's wonderful to work with such a dedicated, supportive team."

- Beth Tooze

Class Teacher & Reading Lead


Classroom lessons at Ark Blacklands Primary


Training and Development

Train to teach in this school

Are you interested in training to become a teacher at Ark Blacklands Primary Academy? Find out more at arkteachertraining.org


Training and development

Our training doesn’t stop once you reach a certain level or learn a certain skill – we’ll support you throughout your whole career, from starting out as a trainee to running your own school.


More training days

In order to deliver the best training and network events, we offer twice as many training days as standard.


Ark online training

Our online, cloud-based learning platform supports your development - delivering exciting content straight to you, from exemplary teaching video clips to best practice resources.


Bespoke training

Your school will develop and deliver its own training sessions which are responsive to need.

Be part of a wider network

You’ll work with colleagues from different subjects, schools and cities, and have the chance to take on network-wide responsibilities such as leading programmes or training.

Ark Network Days

Three times a year, people working in specific roles or subject areas get together to share best practice and deepen their subject knowledge with peers from across the Ark network.