Autumn Winter 2022-23 Menu

School Lunches

Ark Blacklands prides itself in providing pupils with flavoursome lunches which are cooked fresh on site on a daily basis by our in-house chef. The menu is served on a three-week rotation, updated each half term and is designed to provide a well-balanced nutritious meal each day. There are 3 daily options consisting of; Main, Vegetarian main or Jacket Potato, a selection of vegetable sides and salads to complement each meal followed by a choice of either fruit or dessert.

From our Reception to KS2, all children are provided with a separate plate and bowl and are taught how to dine in a social and respectful way. 

Packed Lunches

Many pupils choose to being a packed lunch to school rather than have a school meal. We would always  encourage all children to have school dinners where possible, as research shows that a school lunch is nutritionally superior to most packed lunches and can lead to improved behaviour attainment. However, for families who prefer to send children in with a packed lunch, please see our Parent Leaflet for ideas of what to include in a Healthy Lunch Box.


It is very important that we know about any food allergies your child might have. If your child has a school meal, Caterlink will ask you to complete a Food Allergy form to inform them of any allergies. This form can be collected from the office or downloaded here:

PDF iconAllergy and intolerance form

Nut - Free School

We have a number of children and staff who have severe, potentially life-threatening nut allergies, not only are they allergic to nuts, they also cannot tolerate having any food substances that contain nuts. Therefore, we aim for Ark Blacklands to be a NUT FREE school. Please ensure that your child does not bring any nuts or food items to school which contain nuts as a listed ingredient.

Our “Nut-Free Approach” means that the following items should not be brought into school:

  • Packets of nuts
  • Peanut butter or Nutella sandwiches
  • Fruit and cereal bars that contain nuts
  • Chocolate bars or sweets that contain nuts
  • Sesame seed rolls (children allergic to nuts may also have a severe reaction to sesame)
  • Cakes made with nuts
  • Any home cooked meals for packed lunches that are made from nuts

We thank you for your help

Our school is a nut free zone. No nuts must be brought into the academy in any pupils’ bag or packed lunch box.


For further information about nut allergies please click here.

Free School Meals for Reception, Year 1 and Year 2

From September 2014 the new nationwide scheme ‘Universal Infant Free School Meals’ was made available to all families.

This will mean that all children attending school in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2, will be entitled to free school meals, regardless of income or eligibility for benefits.

For more information about East Sussex Free School Meals please click here

Fore more information about our catering company, Caterlink, please click here