Consultation Information March 2021

Consultation to Change the Times of the School Day from 1st September 2021.

We are currently undertaking a consultation process to make permanent changes to the times of the school day from 1st September 2021. These proposed changes are in line with measures which have been successfully introduced this academic year in response to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

We propose.

· To stagger the start and end times of the school day.

· To increase time for learning by 15 minutes daily.

· To reduce lunch to 45 minutes.

As a school, we believe that these changes will be beneficial to the school community and will have a positive effect on our children's education. The rationale for these permanent changes, are set out below:

To stagger the start and end of the school day. We propose this change following the successful staggered start and end to the school day during the recent Lockdown periods. Over recent years, our school population has risen from 525 pupils to a maximum of 630 from September 2021. Our school site has only one entrance available to all members of the school community and it is not possible to change this. We propose to introduce a permanent staggered the start and end of the school day in order to maintain the calmer and more efficient start to the school day for pupils we have enjoyed this year.  We believe this change will:

· help reduce crowding within and in the immediate vicinity of the school site as well as on playgrounds.

· improve the flow of people coming onto and leaving the school site trough the one gate.

· improve safety for children by reducing the need to walk in the roads due to numbers all arriving at the same time.

· reduce issues with parking.

· reduced crowding in corridors – particularly during the winter months when coats and bags need to be hung up.

To increase time for learning by 15 minutes daily. We were able to increase time for learning by 15 minutes daily this year by implementing the temporary changes to the school day.  We propose to make these changes permanent which allows us to increase curriculum time for children.  We have seen that this change allows:

  • more time for learning.
  • greater opportunity to deliver a wider curriculum.
  • more flexibility in the delivery of the curriculum.

To reduce the times and length of the lunch break. Again, we propose this change following the successful reduction in the length of lunchtime during the recent Lockdown periods. Previously, it was felt that the hour-long lunchtime allocation was too long, and this impacted negatively on pupil behaviour and time for learning in afternoon sessions. The canteen, working across our two hall spaces, has effectively served all pupils within a 20-minute sitting for a number of years. Children then have a reduced, 25-minute playtime with their year group peers. By reducing the length of the lunch break, we aim to:

  • increase the space available for pupils when playing on the playground.
  • reduce the number of behaviour incidents which occur during this time.
  • see a reduction in incidents requiring first-aid treatment.
  • improve pupil focus on learning in the afternoon.

As part of this consultation, we are considering introducing a permanent staggering to the start and end of the school day. The alternative would be to return to the ‘Status Quo’ where all 600+ children start and finish school at the same time. Full details can be found in the ‘supporting information’ pages below.

The details of this consultation have also been shared with our Local Governing Body; local residents and nearby schools. We wish to work together so that there is minimal disruption.

We appreciate that these changes may affect you. For this reason, we would like to invite you to give your feedback by sharing your responses via this online form here as soon as you are ready and no later than Friday 7th May.

We will release the results of the consultation by Friday 28th May with details being posted to the school website: