What's it like working at Ark Blacklands Primary Academy?

Thursday 28 January 2016

Interested in working at Ark Blacklands Primary Academy? Rebecca Bevan is a Reception teacher at Ark Blacklands - find out what she had to say about working at the school:

A great location

“After I qualified as a teacher, I was looking for a job and found Ark Blacklands – it just seemed like a lovely place to work and I could instantly see myself teaching here.

“I looked around at Hastings schools- there’s lots of things to do around here. It’s a lovely place to work; people here are lovely they make you feel very welcome. It’s a lovely area, you’re near the sea, you have the countryside a few miles away and you’ve got good links to London and Brighton."

Outstanding professional development

“Since the school joined the Ark network just over a year ago, there’s been some fantastic changes. We achieved an 82% rate for pupils achieving a Good Level of Development in Reception, which is well above national average. As the phase leader for reception, I’m really proud and it’s a big achievement. I feel that the school knows exactly what it needs to be working on. We have plans in place to achieve all of our goals.

“Being part of the Ark network means there’s been so many opportunities for career development. I went on to do a lead practitioner training programme and that’s been hugely beneficial and really helped advance my career. I heard about it from our Principal when I said I wanted to develop in my career. The courses are really informative and based on a mentoring system, so you really can learn from one another. My friends who are teachers at other schools don’t normally get access to such great training opportunities, but it’s par for the course here.

“We want the best for our children here and we know what we need to put in place to achieve those results. I think it’s important that all children have those opportunities to succeed. We want them to achieve their full potential. Being a teacher is hard work, but working here I feel it’s worth it.”