Year 6 Leavers' Disco

Dear Parent/Carer,

It is coming up to the end of term, and indeed the end of your child's primary school years. We hope they have had a fantastic start to their school career, and are looking forward to the future. We will be sad to see them all moving on to places new, but excited for them at the same time.

To help their last year at Ark Blacklands be a memorable one, we would like to invite them to their very own Leavers Disco on Wednesday the 11th July, 6.30-8pm. Parents/carers are not obliged to stay at this Disco, but we will need a responsible adult to both drop off and pick up the children - no child will be allowed to leave the premises without their adult. The disco is FREE entry, but as usual we will have stalls for sweets, drinks and glow things - so a little pocket money wouldn't go amiss.

As our own children are mostly ineligible to attend this event we could do with a few extra helpers, if any of you proud parents/carers are available to help on the night, we would be very grateful, please contact Crystal on 07759920266 or

Also, if you have any great ideas for the disco and the time to help make them a reality, that would be lovely - just get in contact.

Thanks so much
The F.A.B. team