At Ark Blacklands, we aim to foster a love of music in all our pupils. We intend for all children to leave us being able to play a musical instrument, compose, improvise and listen critically to a broad repertoire of music. Singing is central to our musiccurriculum and all children have the opportunity to perform in front of an audience both within and outside of school.Through learning music, children also develop habits of practice, resilience and teamwork.


Children’s love of musicbegins in the Early YearsFoundation Stage,where children are provided with opportunities to sing songs and make musicand be imaginative by representing their own ideas, thoughts and feelings through music.

Our KS1 and KS2 music curriculum is centred around ‘Charanga’, a music-based scheme, in which the children learn to sing and play instruments. They also have an opportunity to develop an understanding of pulse, rhythm and notation. Children learn to work both independently and as part of a group, ensuring skills of resilience and teamwork are promoted in this subject. Children are enthused and engaged in the wide variety of music activities.

Music lessons focus on playing, listening, performing and creating. Singing is at the heart of music making in the school and is an integral part of the music curriculum in every year group. Every pupilperforms to the rest of the school at least once a yearand every pupilgets an opportunity to perform to parents at least twice a year, at Christmas and in the summer term.

In year three, all pupils learn the recorder, learning musical notation and playing in solo and ensemble contexts. From year three to year six, the students develop their musical knowledge further by learning the ukulele. During this time, they learn to read and play chords, play and sing simultaneously, compose music in a group and improvise.

Children attend weekly singing assemblieswhere they havethe opportunity to learn songs from a wide range of genres. This time is crucial to their musical education at school and is used to teach singing technique, expression of voice and key musical vocabulary such as rhythm, tempo, dynamicsand pitch. The pupilsare taught to listen to and sing back phrases of increasing complexity while KS2 singing assembly develops the texture of songs by introducing multiple parts and melodies.

The school choir is open to all pupilsfrom year 4 to year 6 and rehearses weekly and performs regularly. In the past, the school choir has performed at the local theatre (The White Rock Theatre), local care homes and The BarbicanCentre in London. Children can also participate ininstrumental lessonsat school which currently include: recorder, violin, clarinet, guitar and keyboard.

Opportunities to perform outside of school, within our local environment,ensure our children understand its significance and place within the wider world and that these excite and inspire children’s thirst for knowledge and participation in this subject.

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