Together, We Achieve

Curriculum Intent

At Ark Blacklands Primary Academy our curriculum is designed to be ambitious for all pupil where children are empowered to learn and understand that education provides them with future life choices.

We believe that every child should have the opportunity to succeed at university or in a career of their choice.

Our curriculum ensures that children are active participants in the learning process; they are challenged to think, question, reflect and analyse.

Curriculum Implementation

Culture and ethos: Through promoting our ‘Habits of Success’, teachers develop pupils’ self-esteem and resilience in the pursuit of knowledge ensuring children become risk takers without fear of failure.

Quality teaching every day: Learning for all is fundamental at Ark Blacklands. We pursue the acquisition of knowledge and skill for every child and for every teacher. We promote a collaborative learning model, where children teach and learn from each other, promoting a deeper understanding of the knowledge they acquire. Through developing teacher expertise and engaging children in excellent learning opportunities, all our pupils make significant progress. Teachers know their children extremely well and any pupil who falls behind is given extra help to catch up.

Reading at the heart of the curriculum: Ark Blacklands is a school that is passionate about reading. It is at the heart of our curriculum, as we know that the children who read well, are children who excel in all curriculum areas: it is the cornerstone to their education. We also strive to nurture life-long readers who take pleasure in searching out new books to read and learn from - exploring the unexplorable and discovering the undiscoverable. This journey begins with our youngest readers where Phonics is taught daily from Reception and teachers instil in children a love of literature.

Curriculum Design: To ensure effective delivery of our rich and vibrant curriculum, the statutory requirements for each subject within a key stage are identified and cross-curricular links are harnessed to provide cohesion within units of learning. This is outlined in our curriculum maps. Progression is achieved by identifying the skills and knowledge that children need over time; these are outlined in our progression grids for each subject which contain carefully chosen components crucial for subsequent learning and where key vocabulary is highlighted. These elements are delivered through well taught and appropriately sequenced lessons and thoughtfully designed assessments. This provides what we as a school want pupils to know and be able to do by the time that they leave Blacklands in year 6.

Enrichment: We believe in the philosophy of Confucius: "I hear, and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand". As such, our curriculum carefully considers the local context and it is enriched with local trips, workshops and visits linked to curriculum areas which all our pupils benefit from. These experiences will link to the subjects and themes that the children are learning and particularly enhance children’s writing across the curriculum.

Impact of Curriculum

Our curriculum ensures that pupils leave Ark Blacklands Primary Academy with the skills they need for success at secondary school and beyond.

Please see here for further detail of the impact of our curriculum.

An overview of our topic themes:

If you have any questions about our curriculum, please contact us via email on email, or by calling the school on 01424 429 279.