Our aim is to provide a high-quality computing education which enables children to be digitally literate; understand the fundamentals of computer science and how these can be used to solve problems; as well as ensuring that our children are responsible, confident and creative users of information and communication technology.

Computing Curriculum

Ark Blacklands Primary Academy follows the National Curriculum for Computing and in line with this, approximately half of children's lessons focus on programming and coding. This ensures that our children will be equipped with the skills they will need for the workplace of the future. We use DB Primary to deliver the programming and coding elements of the curriculum.

PDF iconArk Blacklands Primary Academy Computing Curriculum

The scheme of work provides pupils the opportunity to develop IT skills that we use in everyday life and now to code/program things such as games, which prepares children for an ever-personalised ‘E-world’. Children can even access the website at home by following this link and entering their username and password!

The children also enjoy regular cross-curricular opportunities to put their ICT skills into practice, for example creating a presentation in English or interpreting graphs in mathematics or science. Children also develop key Microsoft Office skills and use other electronic devices including cameras and microphones, the content of which can then be edited on laptops. Throughout their time at Ark Blacklands, children will be taught e-Safety and learn how to keep themselves safe online.  

Each year group focuses upon the common computing and ICT themes of:

  • Using Technology
  • Algorithms and Programing
  • E-safety
  • Communicating and Presenting


We see E-Safety as a central focus of all ICT and Computing learning. E-Safety learning is built ​into all Computing topics.

Links to useful sites on E-Safety for parents and children can be found under the 'Community' tab on this website: http://arkblacklandsprimary.org/community/keeping-safe/e-safety.

Computing Resources

We value technology in the classroom, and every classroom has an interactive whiteboard which Class Teachers use to make learning visual and exciting.  We have many other resources in school to develop children's computing and digital literacy skills. Currently, we utilise:

  • two mobile suites of laptops - 60 in total - each with touchscreen capability;
  • two iPads available for staff and children to use in EYFS classes;
  • a set of floor robots (beebots) to develop programming and debugging skills
  • a set of data loggers to collect and analyse information
  • a range of other ICT resources, such as digital voice recorders and programmes to support SEND

This year we have used our 60 new laptops with touchscreens to deliver an exciting computing curriculum in years 1-6 as well as enhance the wider curriculum.

Computing Ambassadors

We recognised just how good some children in year 5 are at computing, so we have made them computing ambassadors that help other classes with their computing lessons throughout the school; this will be expanded next year with more year fives taking on the role.