One Body, Many Voices

Mission Statement

The purpose of our Pupil Council is to encourage pupils to get involved in the issues which concern them and give pupils a greater voice in what happens, in and around the academy.

Our Pupil Councillors discuss ideas and issues with each class and report back to Pupil Council with suggestions and concerns.

It is our aim to promote a friendly, caring and safe environment for everyone to learn.

Everyone’s opinions and views matter at Ark Blacklands Primary Academy. Therefore, we have two members of the council from each class and children are encouraged to participate in the group to cover issues that concern the different age groups.

Selling Poppies and Promoting Remembrance


Children in Need

This year the pupil council were keen to support this national event with a very popular Cake Sale. Over £900 was raised!



Year 5 and 6 pupil councillors went on a trip to the Houses of Parliament.  They had the opportunity to sit in on a real debate happening in the House of Lords before having their own mini debate workshop.