Keeping our children safe

Making sure that all our children know how to stay safe is very important to us. Our priority is always to ensure that all members of our school are kept safe both while they are with us in school and when they are at home.

Miss Saxby is the Designated Safeguarding  Lead at Ark Blacklands. All members of staff are responsible for Safeguarding and Child Protection and Miss Saxby is responsible for ensuring all staff are trained to be able to understand and carry out their role as well as ensuring that all children are kept safe and any records or monitoring is accurate and secure.

Throughout the course of the year we have a number of different focuses on ways to keep safe, both across the whole school and in individual classes as appropriate for children’s ages. More information can be found below:


We  take our responsibility for helping ensure children are safe online very sericouly. To help parents, we regulalrly update this page: E-safety with up to date information. 


Along with many schools across the country, at Blacklands we use the NSPCC Pantosaurus rule to help to teach children about keeping themselves safe. With the help of the friendly Pantosaurus dinosaur adults both at school and at home can teach children about how to stay safe from abuse.

At a level appropriate for their own age, all children learn about how the parts of their bodies which are covered by our underwear are private parts and are not for other people to see or touch and how important it is to talk to someone about anything which upsets or worries you.

Find out more on our dedicated page which can be found here: Keeping Children Safe - Pantosaurus Rule