Keeping children safe when using technology and going online is something that must happen both at school and at home. Parents and carers are encouraged to contact the school with any questions or concerns that they may have regarding e-safety.

E-Safety at School

Throughout their time at Ark Blacklands, children are taught to become responsible, independent and competent users on the online world. Further details regarding our online safety curriculum can be found here:

Online Safety Curriculum

At Ark Blacklands, all internet access is restricted and filtered so that children can only access suitable and age-appropriate websites the world wide web. Additionally, use of technology in the classroom is closely monitored by staff so that all children can learn in a safe and supported space.

E-Safety at Home

The following websites provide a breadth of information and resources to help parents and carers to keep their children safe whilst using technology and going online when at home. 

Websites for Parents and Carers

Internet Matters: Comprehensive online safety resources for parents and carers. 

Parent Zone: Clear advice about popular apps and websites.

Netaware: Information about social networking sites your child may be using.

Share Aware: A NSPCC site which provides straightforward, no-nonsense advice for parents and carers of children aged 8 to 12.

Think U Know: Helpful advice for parents and carers from CEOP (Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre) about how to keep their children safe online. It also covers the range of concerns parents and carers may have about their child's online activity and how best to deal with it. 

UK Safer Internet Centre: Advice about key e-safety topics like social networking, as well as how-to guides for setting up internet filers and parental settings. 

Digital Parenting: A digital magazine sponsored by Vodafone that provides a comprehensive guide to issues relating to children's safe use of technology inside and outside the home. 

Websites for Children

Interland: A fun online adventure game created by Google to help children learn about the key aspects of online safety.

BBC Own It: Support for children to take control of their online life, including help and advice, skills, and inspiration on topics such as friendships, bullying, safety, and self-esteem. 

Think U Know: As well as information for parents and carers, Think U Know also has different sections for children that cater to different age groups so they alongside their parents and carers. 

Childline: Children should be familiar with the Childline website as a source of support for any situation that they feel they cannot manage alone, should they ever feel that a trusted adult is not available to them. They can either call 0800 1111 or chat online via the Childline website.

Digital Strategy Chromebooks

For children in KS2 with a digital strategy Chromebook, their online access and screen time is closely monitored. When children use these devices to access the internet, anything potentially unsuitable or harmful is blocked and flagged to the school. These reports are then investigated further by the school's safeguarding lead. This acts as an extra layer of security to ensure children with these devices are able to access the internet safely and responsibly. 

Further information regarding the use of the Digital Strategy Chromebooks can be found here:

Student Digital Passport Ark Blacklands