Starting school in September 2019? Come and visit Blacklands!

Ark Blacklands welcomes you to visit for prospective September 2019 Reception children – no appointment necessary - we look forward to meeting you!

Tuesday 6th November:         9.30am

Wednesday 7th November:    9.30am

Thursday 8th November:        1.30pm

Want to apply for a place?  Click here for further information.

Sussex Megafinal of the Delancey UK Land Chess Challenge

Congratulations to Nell, Harry, Jack, Sam and Frazer who all took part in the Sussex Megafinal of the Delancey UK Land Chess Challenge held at Downlands Community School in Hassocks on Saturday 2nd May.  

They all acquitted themselves really well, with Sam getting the four points, from six matches, that he needed to qualify for the Southern Region Gigafinals to be held in Reading on the 4th of July.  Harry came frustratingly close, but was a real credit to ARK Blacklands in being one of only two children taking part to get a special award for good sportsmanship.

Here we have a photo of Harry, Jack and Frazer, brandishing their Megafinalist Certificates. Last year 350 children took part in the Sussex Megafinal and, nationally, around 65,000 take part in the competition as a whole.

Special thanks also goes to Mr Ridings who has continued to support the playing of Chess here at Ark Blacklands and accompained the children at the weekend.