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Blacklands Pupils Have their Say!

Road Safety Campaign


Ark Blacklands Pupil Council recently embarked on a road safety campaign outside of the school gates. It was highlighted in a Pupil Council meeting how our pupils often felt unsafe while in close proximity to the school. Therefore, the councillors led a campaign to raise awareness about their road safety concerns.

Miss Clarke was delighted with the campaign and went on to say, "It was great to see the use of the pupil voice to encourage parents to change behaviour in a peaceful campaign to raise awareness associated with the risks of speeding and inappropriate parking. I am very proud of the Pupil Council for doing this which goes to show how influential pupil opinion can and should be."

The children were also accompanied by Mr Bacon, Mr Hawthorne and our local Borough Councillor, Andrew Batsford. Councillor Batsford expressed his opinion by saying, "Children's safety around our schools is so important, I was just so proud to be standing alongside the Blacklands Pupil Council, making parents aware that it really does impact and worry the children and let's hope that they listened to the councils message.”