Starting school in September 2019? Come and visit Blacklands!

Ark Blacklands welcomes you to visit for prospective September 2019 Reception children – no appointment necessary - we look forward to meeting you!

Tuesday 6th November:         9.30am

Wednesday 7th November:    9.30am

Thursday 8th November:        1.30pm

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Blacklands Pupil in Art Auction at Sothebys

Blacklands Pupil in Art Auction at Sothebys

Last term, five talented Year 6 pupils were selected to take part in an exciting art project. They were asked to produce a piece of art work in any medium on the theme of “Dreams and Aspirations”. The brief was very open and could be abstract or take a more literal form.

During a lunch time art club, run by Mrs Mould, they created work showing incredible focus and skill.  By the end of the project 5, very individual pieces were produced by Matilda Wilson, Liam Banks, Ruby Moon, Ruby Weaver-Hill and Joshua Ramsbottom.

Joshua Ramsbottom was chosen for his art work to be placed in a special art auction at Sotherbys in London. Money raised from the auction will go towards supporting ARK schools and programmes. Pieces by David Hockney and Henry Moore were also sold   during the evening.

Joshua showed great maturity and had a very clear vision from the beginning of the project. His piece was also one of only 8 chosen to be reproduced as a post card that will be given to all those that attended the auction.  What great talent we have at Blacklands!