Starting school in September 2019? Come and visit Blacklands!

Ark Blacklands welcomes you to visit for prospective September 2019 Reception children – no appointment necessary - we look forward to meeting you!

Tuesday 6th November:         9.30am

Wednesday 7th November:    9.30am

Thursday 8th November:        1.30pm

Want to apply for a place?  Click here for further information.

Hastings Yarn Bomb - Proud to be Blacklands, Proud to be Hastings!

Pupils at Blacklands have joined Hastings Pier Charity staff, volunteers, local textile artists, schools and community groups to to take part in the Hastings Yarn Bomb.  The workshops have included felt workshops, creating yarn pom poms and a variety of knitting techniques including finger, machine and french knitting. 

Please go and explore the pier to see all the wonderful work that has been created.  Blacklands' pupils have their work proudly displayed on the right side at point #3.

Proud to be Blacklands, proud to be Hastings!