Reception children visit Sharnfold Farm

Date: Thursday 24th May 2018

As part of our learning this year on Growth, all the Reception classes will be visiting Sharnfold Farm in Pevensey today. We will leave school at 9.15 a.m. and return by 3 p.m. depending on traffic.

The children will be shown the different crops that are growing on the farm by the farmer, and they will also get to pick some of the harvest to bring back to school. The children will be able to see the different animals on the farm and have a ride on the tractor.

Your child will need to wear:

School Jumper/Cardigan, shirt and tie but any sensible trousers or jeans

Comfortable, sensible footwear (suitable for lots of walking)


Your child will need to bring:

A sun hat and sun cream or a light waterproof coat (depending on the weather)

Packed lunch (no fizzy drinks or glass bottles please)

Items should be carried in a small rucksack

No spending money will be needed.