Computing is taught through the use of the ‘Db primary’ scheme of work which allows pupil to develop their understanding of coding through the use of programmable tools, toys and interactive software. Children also develop key Microsoft Office skills as they create presentations, blogs and apps. Additionally, they use other electronic devices including cameras and microphones, the content of which are then edited on laptops. Throughout their time at Ark Blacklands, children will be taught e-Safety and learn how to keep themselves safe online.  

Update 2017-18

This year we have used our 60 new laptops with touchscreens to deliver an exciting computing curriculum in years 1-6 on DBPrimary.

The scheme of work provides pupils the opportunity to develop IT skills that we use in everyday life and now to code/program things such as games, which prepares children for an ever-personalised ‘E-world’.

Children can even access the website at home by following this link and entering their username and password!

Computing Ambassadors

We recognised just how good some children in year 5 are at computing, so we have made them computing ambassadors that help other classes with their computing lessons throughout the school; this will be expanded next year with more year fives taking on the role.