Starting school in September 2019? Come and visit Blacklands!

Ark Blacklands welcomes you to visit for prospective September 2019 Reception children – no appointment necessary - we look forward to meeting you!

Tuesday 6th November:         9.30am

Wednesday 7th November:    9.30am

Thursday 8th November:        1.30pm

Want to apply for a place?  Click here for further information.


The use of information and communication technology is an integral part of the national curriculum and is a key skill for everyday life. At ARK Blacklands Primary Academy we recognise that pupils are entitled to a quality and structured, progressive approach to learning to enable them to develop high level skills needed throughout their later life. 

Update 2017-18

This year we have used our 60 new laptops with touchscreens to deliver an exciting computing curriculum in years 1-6 on DBPrimary.

The scheme of work provides pupils the opportunity to develop IT skills that we use in everyday life and now to code/program things such as games, which prepares children for an ever-personalised ‘E-world’.

Children can even access the website at home by following this link and entering their username and password!

Computing Ambassadors

We recognised just how good some children in year 5 are at computing, so we have made them computing ambassadors that help other classes with their computing lessons throughout the school; this will be expanded next year with more year fives taking on the role.